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Five Element Qigong for Self-Healing

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About Course

Distilled from thousands of years of healing wisdom, Qigong Master Chunyi Lin developed a revolutionary Qigong for Self-Healing to help achieve his vision of “A healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.” If you are looking for ways to improve your health, increase your vitality, and emotional stability, this revolutionary course is for you.

Why So Many “Miraculous” Spring Forest Qigong Healing Stories?

Have you ever wondered why you hear so many stories about “miraculous” healing with Qigong? Because it goes deeper than the physical, deeper than symptoms. It goes straight to the source. Practice SFQ Five Element Qigong Healing Movements can take you there.

Qigong says we get sick because the body’s organs and energy channels get out of sync. In health, they vibrate strongly in harmony. But when your energy gets blocked, it becomes unbalanced, the body becomes weak, all of its organs and energy channels get out of sync, and finally you become susceptible to all kinds of things.

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Course Content

How your body's energy is designed to flow.

  • Introduction to Qi

Study Manual
PDF study manual you can download and print.

Five Element Qigong Healing Movements

Additional Practice Wisdoms
Master Lin had prepared additional information for the best practices!